EDG Worldsチームメンバーに関するお知らせ

2016/10/13, 19:33 - BY RIOT GAMES


EDG Worldsチームメンバーに関するお知らせ

大変悲しいお知らせをしなければなりません。ご家族の不幸により、Yu-hao “Mouse” Chen選手が中国に帰国することとなりました。チームによる確認、及び文書によるリーグ・オブ・レジェンド当局の承認はいずれも完了しています。この結果、Mouse選手はWords 2016の残りの試合には参加できなくなります。Worlds規約に基づき、EDGはシーズン終了時のアクティブロースターメンバー1名とMouse選手を入れ替えることができ、これにより、残りのWorlds期間はYang “Koro1” Tong選手が出場することになります。


Worlds規約 3.2


Each team is required to maintain, at all times during Worlds, five players in the starting lineup (“Starters”), and one substitute player (“Reserve”) (collectively, the “Active Roster”) as well as an official coach. The Active Roster is considered locked as of September 7th, 2016, at 11:59am PT. The Active Roster that was submitted to or known by Worlds officials on this date will be considered the eligible Active Roster for Worlds. This roster lock will not supersede regional roster locks that may have occurred prior to this date. In the absence of a regional roster lock, teams will not be able to add any new players to their roster after their last regional competition preceding Worlds.

In the case of an emergency, a team may add a substitute after this deadline, however, the substitute added must not have been on any other professional roster on September 7th and must have been eligible to be on a professional roster on September 7th. All Starters must have a written contract with the team they are playing for.





Koro1選手は今年のSummer SplitにおけるEDGのチームメンバーで、Worlds出場に必要な全ての条件を満たしており、10月15日(現地時間)の準々決勝から出場可能です。